Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturday. in photos.

I am trying to get back into this blogging thing, but a lot is going on. Here are some photo recaps of this Saturday.

1. Practicing ukulele 2. self photo. i have been working out and dieting for what seems like ever, but it is working, slowly and surely. down 6 pounds since I started. 3. Grapefruit, limes and blood oranges from the grocery store. Apparently I am really into citrus this week. 4.- 6. Keith and I are not big drinkers. However, we have tried our hand at infused vodka before. I had some vodka from a few months ago, that we were not drinking, so I mixed blood oranges and blueberries together in the infuser, and added the whipped cream vodka and we ended up with this purple mixture, that was pretty good in diet lemon-lime soda. Again, as not big drinkers, we were happy with how the mixture turned out, our first batch back in December was a disaster- cucumbers do not survive in liquor, FYI.

This week has loads of stuff coming up in it, including wedding cake testing and flower shopping. !!! More to come later.