Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter from Loki's Jellybeans!

Friday, April 22, 2011


In honor of Earth Day, I am proud to announce my new line of jewelery. Upcycled earrings. I made them from out shirts or dresses that no long fit, or in condition to wear. They are great little earrings available on the site SOON! Here is just a taste....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

heat wave

Well, it's hot in Chicago. So that means it's time to give in to my guilty pleasure- $1 Sweet Teas. I love it so much. Today is suppose to be in the 80s, in Chicago. Sweet teas are the perfect way to beat the heat!

I really haven't focused on increasing my collection lately. I got this awesome pendant in San Francisco in Chinatown. I love it, it's hard to part with it. but it can be found here.

I also need to apply to a few craft fairs coming up. My goal: 4 this year! :)

Things are going to be kind of crazy soon, so I might be a little MIA. Once things clam down, I'll be back at posting. Link

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Featured Seller: Boxhounds

I wanted to make Keith's Christmas stocking amazing this year, so I stumbled across Boxhounds store on etsy. I originally fell in love with their zombie civil war soldier. (I'm obsessed with civil war...It's a weird thing for a mid-20s lady to be interested in I'm learning, but whatever.) So I got that lego, and the one above for Keith. Keith is not gentle with keys or keychains. He throws them around, transfers them about 5 times a day (from coat to coat to lab coat to coat etc) This past Sunday he pulled out his keys and showed me "Look!" he was so excited the robot was still in one piece! It's in great condition! I'm proud to say that Boxhounds is one of my favorite etsy shops for presents! :)

This cute werewolf is available here. Boxhounds focuses on legos and make them into keychains. I'm never disappointed in their selection. They have Harry Potter, Star Wars, cute little werewolves! I'm amazed. Hockey is another passion of mine. I am not a player of it, since I'm terrified of ice skating, but I have been watching it for most of my life. Go Wings! I loved this little guy when I saw him. He is a perfect gift for several people in my life. Boxhounds is amazingly quick on delivery, and the product is fantastic. I am really impressed that both mine and Keith's keychains are in one piece. I own three: Zombie Civil War, Oliver Wood, and Abraham Lincoln.
Lastly, I need to show this CUTE Amelia Earhart. HOW CUTE IS THIS?

I really recommend Boxhounds etsy shop. They are fantastic and one of my favorites. check them out here.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Featured Seller: MegansMenagerie

I met MegansMenagerie while on Etsy chat awhile back. I loved their shop right away. The cowls were so tempting, and bright. I gave in and asked if I could have bright cotton candy pink cowl for me. I love it so much. It looks a lot like the blue one above on her page (click on photo for link). The splash of color on a really high quality, warm cowl really brightens up those dark Chicago days. Shipping was super fast, and the product was amazing. I really recommend MegansMenagerie and even plan on doing more shopping there soon for gifts.

This bright orange color, really stood out to me. I think this would look great on the transition from cold to warm, perfect for springtime in the cold states, like Illinois. This beautiful one can be found here. I know, I know winter's going away, or maybe a cowl is too bulky for you. (is that even possible? I love a good cowl!) She also offers these cute jersey tee circle scarves, seen above in purple. These scarves are really in right now, and what better place to get them then here?

I really can't say enough, this shop is fantastic! The customer service is great, and the product is out of this world. Thanks for the cowl that has kept my neck warm on so many Chicago outdoor trips!

Visit MegansMenagerie shop

Sunday, April 3, 2011

So things have been hectic lately. So I have been trying to craft a lot more to get my mind on something productive. So I made these babies:

These are fun up-cycled earrings. I found an old tanktop that was so cute, but I shrunk it in the wash and there's no way that will ever fit me again. So i cut out enough fabric for two fabric buttons. Then I attached them to a great post setting. I'm really exciting about these. How cute!

More post this week including TWO feature seller profiles. I'm excited.