Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life has been busy lately. I haven't had the time to update my store, or this page. I plan on doing more soon. promise. Until then, here's a picture of how I feel lately, tired.

Isn't Loki the cutest thing EVER

Sunday, March 13, 2011

San Francisco and favorites

I napped and relaxed all day from my busy and very full but short trip to San Francisco. I loved San Francisco. I didn't love all the hills, but I loved the city. I took the above photo by the Exploratorium. The below photo I took of graffiti on the sidewalk. I thought it was adorable! Such a great trip.

Now on the my new favorite thing to blog about...things I'm currently in love with. I found these lovely pieces of etsy. If you are interested in the shop, I'm including links on the photos and by clicking the shop name.

These adorable little earrings are a find I made today. I really like them, and even included them in my plaid treasury. They remind me of Scotland, which I think it the first reason they stood out to me. These earrings are cute though. They are made by MountainThistle.

This adorable scarf is made by DianasTreasures. All of the items in this store are amazing, but I really like this scarf. I love the colors, and the designs. The orange flowers are a great accent for a simple black shirt. I really adore this piece.

I have been a fan of Flourish since I first started on etsy. I love the colorful pieces, but their scent and flavor choices are really exciting. I found this ginger peach chapstick and I cannot wait to try it. Ginger peach is a great flavor, that is really hard to find.

Well, those are my favorites lately. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as me.

I am back from San Francisco and extremely tired. I will write more when i have more sleep in me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I always carry my camera in my purse. Most of the time I only use it to document the good times with my friends, so it usually just sits in my purse adding to the weight that is way too much it will give me back problems one day. Well, Sunday night Keith and I ran to Michaels for some odds and ends. So I snapped this photo.
Sometimes I forget I live in such a big city with a big skyline. Keith and I tend to stay in our neighborhood a lot, so we don't get downtown much but it's lovely to look at (and to shop in!)

I took the photo below last summer on K's iphone. We walked to the beach along the Harbor. I love the clouds in it...

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sorry I have been MIA. I have been preparing for a trip to San Francisco this week, and just returned from a short trip down state. I haven't done too much jewelry making, so I need to really step it up the next upcoming weeks. Expect new items, and more items.

Anyway, I made a really cute treasury found here. All about puppies. my favorite!

I also have stumbled upon a few new favorite items. Here are three things I am loving right now. Click on the photo or the name of the store for the link.This adorable DIY kit from MissMossy is ADORABLE. I have always wanted to try my hand at making my own terrarium, and this kit is a perfect start. What a great gift too.
This gem I found on a search for Glasgow. I miss Glasgow every day. I remember wandering the streets and getting lost in the beauty that only a city like that could pull off. This beautiful and sentimental to me print is made by ialbert. I love this print.
And lastly, my favorite new find, the Mr. Tea mug by LennyMud. As a tea drinker, I never find any clever Tea mugs, they are mostly targeted to the coffee audience. I am in LOVE with this mug. I saw and immediately told Keith I needed it. Maybe I will find it in my Easter Basket. (hint, hint)

So those are my new favorite three. Maybe I should do this sorta post more often.

Until next time. I'll try to update before California, but I leave Thursday! Hooray!