Monday, December 27, 2010

Another amazing Christmas present from the Keith. He won our Christmas this year.


An 1868 Ulysses S. Grant campaign token made into a necklace. I love it times infinity.

I am taking a break from etsy business for the next two days. I will write more soon. I hope christmas or other holidays were good to you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

etsy christmas

Christmas Keith was very good to me. He got me an ipad! OMG! However, he still supported a lot of great etsy shops and I plan on linking you to their pages individually.

First up, this hilarious, yet VERY magical gift.

An Abraham Lincoln Sleeping Mask! Living in Chicago, I always have a street light shinning in my bedroom window. I also really like napping during Sundays. This mask is awesome because it's hilarious, it's Abe Lincoln based, and it's really practical for those of us who like to sleeping for hours on Sunday afternoon. It really works, using it I slept in 2 extra hours!

Anyway, Keith got it from Gumptions. this store is full of cute things, but I must endorse their S/He's got Abe Lincoln Eyes.

Monday, December 13, 2010

past weekend....

My store is closing for the Holiday season this Wednesday! So you only have two more days to buy buy buy.

My mom came to visit us in cold Chicago this past weekend. We took her to zoo lights, which is an amazing display of thousands of lights in animal forms all around the zoo. The animals wanted nothing to do with the late night visitors, and most were asleep. It was great fun, even though it was freezing. Then on Saturday we went to the Field Museum. I love being in a place of so many great Clovis points, mayan artifacts, and dinosaurs. It makes me remember my undergraduate career, sitting in an old lab with broken pots from Hopewell all around, studying all the projectile points in my thick yellow textbook. ah, the joys of archaeology. I miss it.

The museum I work at has amazing christmas trees everywhere. I must remember to take my camera to work and take loads of photos. I wish everyone could see it and love the trees as much as I do. every morning the giant tree decorated in mainly pink makes me gush everyday.

I took today as a personal day, and did NOT leave to go into single digit temperatures all day. I napped, watched trash tv, and checked my email about 60 times.

Oh, my sister sent some pre-Christmas gifts with my mom. this gem made my day. Thanks Kim. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

christmas tree

Well, our tree is up. It's not big. nor does it hold any ornaments. However, it does has fiber optics and changes colors. As someone who grew up with an overly decorated tree in the best possible way, the though of an empty tree makes me sad and feel like christmas is not here. So I made sure keith and i decorated the tree as much as possible. Since it can't physically hold real decoration we made our own of my childhood toys, happy meal toys I recently got, and mexican wrestlers.Yup, and Abe Lincoln as our tree topper. Nothing says Christmas likes the Gettysburg Address right? Oh there's also some mardi gras beads that keith got for showing his chest to some old ladies on Bourbon Street about two years ago.

At any rate, I have 9 orders of soaps I need to do today, or something amazingly high volume amount. I also have to screenprint, and clean as my mom is coming to visit next week. (OMG!) She comes every year to visit my place of employment to see the xmas trees up. And of course to spend time with one of her daughters.

Also: Still looking for a GREAT gift for the lady in your life. Check out my new earring of the month club membership. Once a month for 6 months she'll get a pair of earrings and you can even pick a theme/color for her!