Monday, August 29, 2011

Chicago from above

Keith, Erin, and I celebrated her last few days in Chicago by going to the Hancock Observatory. For those of you who have never been to Chicago, the Hancock is located in downtown, but on the north-ish end. It is very close to Lake Michigan. It also provides an AMAZING view of Chicago.

I am leaving the city at the end of this month after 5 years. My heart is full of sadness, but I am okay with it. However, this view made me realize I will miss a lot of Chicago.

I was the only one who didn't have the fear of heights. Keith got over his quickly, which was great! Erin tried really hard and did much better once she had a cocktail in her.
The view down Lake Shore Drive. My apartment in in view...kind of. I love this picture.

The sun set over the city was really breath taking. We ate gelato and watched it, then headed to the signature lounge for a cocktail. it was a lovely night.

The next day Keith and I left for a wedding in Michigan, and one day after that Erin left the city. We already miss her.

Monday, August 22, 2011

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

7 things about me.

In keeping with my trying to blog more, I'm going to blog about what I I thought I would share 7 small things about me, to kind of get to know me a little better.

1.) I like being by lakes, rivers, and even oceans. I especially like the great lakes. Water relaxes me. for the most part.

2.) I met my best friend in the entire world in November 2007. We started dating in Jan. of 2008, and we haven't looked back since. I'm so happy that of all the bars in Chicago, I walked into his and my friend picked the seat at his bar. perfecto.

3.) I get mad when crime solving t.v. shows have inaccurate science. I love forensics, and I love the crime solving t.v. shows, but sometimes I get too wrapped up and end up yelling at Bones about anthropologists not being able to determine that.

4.) Speaking of, I have a degree in anthropology. I focused on historical archaeology, and did quite a bit of lab work. I think the most interesting artifact I analyzed was an old music box motor, which took me nearly 2 years to determine what it was. of course, without asking.

5.) My favorite movies in no order are: ghostbusters, singin in the rain, and wizard of oz.

6.) I started my jewelry career with a simple class at Joanns. My sister suggested taking a class there since it was half off. I signed up, and fell in love. the metal working was what made so excited. Even twisting or bending a wire reminded me of my blacksmithing days.

7.) I am a VERY proud Michigander. I love all things related to Michigan. One day, I will find my way back there... I know it.


So, I haven't kept with my promise to write more on my blog. That is my fault, but I see a lot more posts in my future. I am moving to the burbs soon. I am divided on my feelings for this. I am excited to be closer to work, and no longer have 2 + hour commutes home. But I am sad to leave the city. That being said, I can still visit the city whenever I want via train or car. So I'm not terribly sad.

Anyway, this summer I have had a new friend in Chicago. We both had the same job up on Mackinac Island, however we were a few years apart. Someone we both worked with set us up, since Erin was moving to Chicago alone for an internship at a theater here. I was so happy we met up and we clicked so well!

One Sunday she came over for bread making and scarf dying. I will post photos of our bread making (her- french white bread for an 1820 recipe, and me- lavender rosemary scones!) I then taught her how to dye scarves naturally.

Erin hard at work with cabbage and tea.

Up close of her scarf.

Erin hard at work. We made a total of 10 scarves together using various fruits and flowers. Mine are sitting in the window reacting and dyeing. I cannot wait to show them off.

In other news!! tomorrow is keith's first day back at school. good luck k face!