Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roadtrip to Dayton

I am a museum professional. I have been for the last 7.5 years. I mainly have worked in education and engagement, but I have dabbled in archiving, public relations and preserving. I am a museum go-er as well. I thrive when I am at a museum, my brain goes a mile a minute and I think of all the things I can do in my own job to make it better. Since finding museums as a career and a goal, my life has been very focused on that. I have spent nights at museums, hours looking for a matching plant in the rows and rows of shelves at the herbarium, and months trying to figure out the best way to teach fire safely to 4th graders. I love it, it's who I am.

I went to visit my sister and brother-in-law this weekend. My sister, knowing that I'm a BIG fan of museums, suggested going to a smaller outdoor history museum in Dayton. My new job is at an outdoor living history museum so I thought why not? It was a very fun museum.

This was some family's house! It looks like a tomb, or something really exotic. But nope, just a single family home in Dayton in the 1800s.

This was another house and my sister entering it. Inside was a very nice fireplace, along with an amazing candle dipper. I asked my brother-in-law to make me one. It was a large wheel with six offshoots. Each off shoot had slots to put wicks in, then you spun the wheel and dipped the candles into the wax then water. amazing.

This was an interesting structure at the museum. It was a clocktower that had been located on a building in downtown Dayton. very cool. and very big.

I also saw the wright flyer...an original wright flyer. how cool!!!! It was a decent museum. The highlight, besides being there with my family (minus my parents) was this old train car that went from Detroit to Mackinaw. It was BEAUTIFUL. Kim and I ran ahead while the boys looked at the old steam engines and looked at it in awe. I didn't want to get in trouble and take photos inside this old train, but it was done in Victorian fashion, stained glass windows, red velvet seats and wood tables. it was absolutely breath-taking. I wish I could take it from Detroit to Mackinaw. I'd love that.

I'm throwing in a photo of me playing with my nephew Gus. He is such a funny dog. He only likes little miss Loki, dogwise. But he likes his aunt, who is Loki's momma.

Thanks for a great weekend Kim, Chris, and Mr. Gus Gus.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summertime is omgsomuchfun! I am pigging out at ribfests, shopping at farmers markets for lavender and cherries, and playing with keith. Yesterday I slept in, went through the zoo to the nature trail, then to the farmers market, ate a quick lunch at the korean bar-b-q place and took a hour and half nap. then we had a picnic by the lake for dinner. FANTASTIC.

I'm not ready for this weekend to end. I am having TOO much fun. I need to write mor ein this, but my pesto chicken will not cook itself. I'm going to try out the suntea I made today in my window and hope its good!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Favorites!

Hi everyone. I hope Monday was a good day for everyone. It stormed then got to a heat index of over 95 degrees, so today was odd weather wise. However, It's time for Monday Favorites again.

LinkI started reading thedaintysquid's blog a few weeks ago, and I found it via a friend. I love keeping up to date with her. I also love her shop! This CUTE bag that I want (hint, hint Keith) is called Under the Big Top Clutch in Moss. The colors of this little purse just make me so happy.

This bracelet is named to catch MY interested. Called the Ulysses S Grant bracelet, this simple bracelet really caught my eye. I usually like chunky, colorful pieces but I really like this simple piece by SamanthaKayJewelry.

Now on to the Tom. My mom loves Tom Selleck and always has since I was a kid. I grew up watching Magnum PI with her, and even bought her seasons 1-3 on DVD for various Christmases. I made my mom a special Tom Selleck Necklace located here for her birthday and she got a ton of compliments. Tom Selleck has grown on me so much so I got a mug with his face on it, and I did a search and these AWESOME nails popped up by LynnsBoutique.

On to non-etsy favorites. My sister's good friend (and mine too!) wrote a book!!! Today is the first day it's available for purchase on amazon. She's a fantastic lady, who knows how to have a great time during wedding dinners, and the starting lineup of the 1998 Detroit Red Wings. Anyway, help her out and purchase the book! :)

Alright, well I hope you enjoyed Mondays favorites. I am too busy watching Master Chef, and pretending I know the foods they are talking about. I am realizing I'm a good cook, but only in three of four dishes, and three of them are mexican, and one is rice crispy chicken. Have a great start to the week!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Constructor Craft Show

This Saturday, Loki's Jellybeans participated in the Constructor Craft Fair in the suburbs of Chicago. It was so cool. It was in a night club with vendors inside and outside. Keith and I were lucky by being inside (in 90 degree heat outside and air conditioning on the inside!) but we were in a very dark corner. Hence the photo being so dark below.
This is our crafty friend, the deer. He stared at us the entire show.
Two nice ladies walked by and noticed we didn't have any lights. They gave us a light from their home. How nice are they? One of them sells beautiful pottery. I really liked her stuff, and was so thankful of their helping us out.
My robot soaps were a big hit. Everyone smelled them, and would try to guess the scent. The biggest favorite: marshmellow! My biggest hit though was my earrings. I made the pair on high top shoes on Friday and they were bought instantly. Oh, and those are my too cool nails right now. (Sally Hansen's)
My bracelets were not as big as the earrings, but still were a hit. This show was a GREAT demographic. The vendors were so nice, the atmosphere was so exciting but relaxed. The food was amazing (a taco food truck!!!) and they even played the Blow and Belle & Sebastian, along with MC Hammer. I loved it so much. We can't wait to do it again next year.
Oh! and we made a purchase. This is Steve, he is my new friend. This came from Creatures! He is our happy little friend.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Do over. and Favorites!

I'm starting over with a lot of things. This blog has been neglected. I am going to care for it more. I'm also going to reinstate meatless mondays in my apartment (meaning, me and when Keith is here, him too) I am going to read more, today's book "Sin in the second city" (its all about vices in early chicago) I'm also listen to music more, which takes me back to college.

But lastly, I'm also bringing back my favorites. I think I will do favorites every Monday, to start the week fresh and excited!

So on to Monday Favorites

1.) I am loving Botny on etsy right now. I purchase two sets of earrings from her. They are perfect. I am really digging these right now:
2.) My friend over at ponderandstitch just released some adorable necklaces! This one is my favorite:
3.) I just received this amazing print from RebeccaMich that makes me homesick. Yes, I know I talk about Michigan too much, but thats okay. It's a great place to talk about! I cannot wait to hang it up! It's the perfect print for my apartment.

That's all my favorites for now. You'll have to come back every Monday until I get too busy or run out of favorites. Until then Happy 4th of July! I will spend it reading and drinking tea.