Sunday, July 10, 2011

Constructor Craft Show

This Saturday, Loki's Jellybeans participated in the Constructor Craft Fair in the suburbs of Chicago. It was so cool. It was in a night club with vendors inside and outside. Keith and I were lucky by being inside (in 90 degree heat outside and air conditioning on the inside!) but we were in a very dark corner. Hence the photo being so dark below.
This is our crafty friend, the deer. He stared at us the entire show.
Two nice ladies walked by and noticed we didn't have any lights. They gave us a light from their home. How nice are they? One of them sells beautiful pottery. I really liked her stuff, and was so thankful of their helping us out.
My robot soaps were a big hit. Everyone smelled them, and would try to guess the scent. The biggest favorite: marshmellow! My biggest hit though was my earrings. I made the pair on high top shoes on Friday and they were bought instantly. Oh, and those are my too cool nails right now. (Sally Hansen's)
My bracelets were not as big as the earrings, but still were a hit. This show was a GREAT demographic. The vendors were so nice, the atmosphere was so exciting but relaxed. The food was amazing (a taco food truck!!!) and they even played the Blow and Belle & Sebastian, along with MC Hammer. I loved it so much. We can't wait to do it again next year.
Oh! and we made a purchase. This is Steve, he is my new friend. This came from Creatures! He is our happy little friend.

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