Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goonies Checkers

This is my amazing friend Bridget. And yes, she is a NASA Barbie for Halloween. Bridget recently got a new job which will move her away from us here in Chicago and all the way to Vegas. As much as I will miss her, I'm glad I have an excuse to go to Vegas now. Last night we went out to have martinis and food. We danced and laughed a lot. But the scene stealer of the night was; 1.) animal messenger cards, like tarot...amazing. and b.) Keith and my checkerboard she asked for.

This is the checker board. We cut a sponge to fit 8 across and 8 down. Next I mixed some blue and white paint to make a more appealing color.

Keith working on the details. He's a whiz with the puffy paint, one time he made a barfing unicorn for a shirt. Amazing right?

Final product without the pieces. This game she wanted Chunk vs. Mama Fratelli. So Keith made it treasury mapping, and added some awesome decorations and details. way to go keith!

Bridget pulled it out at everywhere we went. Three places total. Here is her first game on it with Keith. The pieces are bottlecaps.

How much she loves this game! Look at her expression!!!!

This was actually really fun to make. If you are interested in having a checkerboard made, any two people against each other, please send us an email

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Right now I am in love with rings! I made this ring Sunday night. I metal stamped "Loki" between two cute paw prints. Thanks to Keith for buying me the stamps for my birthday. I love it.

I also got a new little present from the mailman yesterday. This adorable ring. It's a cute little wrap around hippo.

Things have been busy busy busy lately.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

this past weekend

This weekend has been full of laziness, chores, and Keith and Jenn time. Friday Keith had to work an overnight at our museum, so while he was at work I spent the night watching 30 Rock. Anyway, Saturday we spent together. We started the day with chocolate chip pancakes and hashbrowns for me, a breakfast wrap for him from our local diner. It was so delicious. Then we did chores, and went wine shopping for our dinner date Monday. We ran around and did some awesome errands, and then started organizing. And check out my new craft area!!!!!!!

Anyway, we finished the night with some delivery deep dish pizza and 48 hours mysteries. all in all good day.

Today I am making pulled pork in the crock pot. and finishing up cleaning and organizing. I also read a really great tutorial on how to make rickrack rings. So I'm going to try that also.

I made this fantastic treasury. I didn't include my awesome scottish pendant, but that's okay. Treasury is found here. My scottish necklace is found here.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

old times, old stories

Presidents day is coming. I plan on making Lincoln Leggings and Grant bags soon. keep an eye out.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cold season

Well, i offically got the cold that was going through my place of employment. It really has knocked me on my butt. So instead o being productive and making more necklaces, and earrings, I am watching a man vs. Food marathon thanks to netflix and drinking sleepytime vanilla tea.

When i am feeling better, i will start working on new projects and updating more

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its another snow day! It would be great except it's FREEZING. We're under a windchill advisory, and I don't think my apartment building got the memo. My apartment is really cold, and I've spent a good part of today under my heating blanket and listening to garbage trucks get stuck in the alley. I am in love with that blanket. My aunt got it for me, and it's amazing.

I am still talking about birthday gifts I got. I know, I am very spoiled. Keith spoils me rotten. I just want to show off the great Etsy finds, and how much I love them.

Keith got me these ADORABLE little soaps. He gave them to me in a bag, and I could smell the soap before I even opened it. They are manatees, my favorite animal besides puppies. He got me two different scents: pomegranate and banana (bananatee!) These are adorable, and smell so good. He got them for me from daisycakesoap . I love them. Daisycakesoap has a great shop. I really enjoy the manatees though. They are so cute, I don't want to use them! Thanks for such a great product.

So today's my last snow day. Although the thought of getting out of the 2 foot mound of snow around my car, and at the end of the road seems impossible. I'm going back to finish my book, then hopefully nap.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day! and Birthday Gift Part 3

Keith is king of the mountain!

Today was a snow day! The museum I work with, plus the rest of the in the city were closed! We had blizzard conditions. Lake Shore Drive closed, and remained closed for almost all the day. We got 20+ inches of snow. It was CRAZY. We recently found out, we also have tomorrow as a snow day, because these conditions are just not drivable.

Somewhere under there is my car... And this is covered parking.

I got tired after playing in the snow. This is my taking a break in the middle of the sidewalk.

Keith is a snow bank next to the road. The snow was so deep.

Chicago, thanks for a snow day. Thanks for an awesome day spend being lazy, watching the UK Skins, and eating cheese enchiladas.

Oh! Also, we had THUNDERSNOW last night. Sounds fake, but it's not. and it's awesome.

Okay enough about the snow day....

Keith got me more awesome birthday week gifts. Monday he got me Millard Fillmore Ring, Tuesday he got me Lincoln Keychain. Wednesday he got me the above buttons! I love, love, love them. I was even more impress when Keith was able to name five out the six of them. I love civil war stuff, and so naturally these buttons are a great gift for me. A few of these might end up on my labcoat at work.

These great pins are made by oxandoak. Their store is great. I am really impressed with the finish product. Thanks so much for making a great product oxandoak. Check out their store, you won't be disappointed.

Anyway, snow day 2 tomorrow. Thanks again Chicago. This makes up for the rats in the engine...almost.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day


HOW TO: easy Chicken roll ups

So I made these delicious things on a whim one night. Keith calls me a master of the refrigerated biscuits. Which, I am deciding I kind of am. This is a quick and easy meal, not the best health wise but not terrible either. It's really good for the afterwork-don't-want-to-make-food-but-am-cheap blues.
What you need:
1 can of refrigerated croissant rolls
I can of whole white chicken, located usually next to the tuna cans. Keith cannot have tuna so I try to substitute chicken for some tuna recipes.
Some shredded cheese
Dash of Basil
Pinch of Pepper

How to make them:
First mix the chicken,basil, and pepper together in a bowl. Grab a spoon.
Unroll the croissants.
In each croissant, place on spoonful of the chicken mix, with a small amount of cheese with it. Like the photo below.
(Note the millard fillmore ring!!!)
Then roll the croissant up, like you would a normal croissant. This can be tricky.

Place this on a nonstick pan and cook as the croissant rolls direct you to.

Perfect dinner! And for breakfast or dessert try croissant rolls with chocolate chips or butterscotch chips in the middle instead of the chicken and cheese. Super easy and cheap meal!

Hope you enjoy.

I have a snow day tomorrow. I plan on updating more about my birthday and future projects. Plus we are working a redesign.

Stay safe in the snow!