Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HOW TO: easy Chicken roll ups

So I made these delicious things on a whim one night. Keith calls me a master of the refrigerated biscuits. Which, I am deciding I kind of am. This is a quick and easy meal, not the best health wise but not terrible either. It's really good for the afterwork-don't-want-to-make-food-but-am-cheap blues.
What you need:
1 can of refrigerated croissant rolls
I can of whole white chicken, located usually next to the tuna cans. Keith cannot have tuna so I try to substitute chicken for some tuna recipes.
Some shredded cheese
Dash of Basil
Pinch of Pepper

How to make them:
First mix the chicken,basil, and pepper together in a bowl. Grab a spoon.
Unroll the croissants.
In each croissant, place on spoonful of the chicken mix, with a small amount of cheese with it. Like the photo below.
(Note the millard fillmore ring!!!)
Then roll the croissant up, like you would a normal croissant. This can be tricky.

Place this on a nonstick pan and cook as the croissant rolls direct you to.

Perfect dinner! And for breakfast or dessert try croissant rolls with chocolate chips or butterscotch chips in the middle instead of the chicken and cheese. Super easy and cheap meal!

Hope you enjoy.

I have a snow day tomorrow. I plan on updating more about my birthday and future projects. Plus we are working a redesign.

Stay safe in the snow!

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