Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its another snow day! It would be great except it's FREEZING. We're under a windchill advisory, and I don't think my apartment building got the memo. My apartment is really cold, and I've spent a good part of today under my heating blanket and listening to garbage trucks get stuck in the alley. I am in love with that blanket. My aunt got it for me, and it's amazing.

I am still talking about birthday gifts I got. I know, I am very spoiled. Keith spoils me rotten. I just want to show off the great Etsy finds, and how much I love them.

Keith got me these ADORABLE little soaps. He gave them to me in a bag, and I could smell the soap before I even opened it. They are manatees, my favorite animal besides puppies. He got me two different scents: pomegranate and banana (bananatee!) These are adorable, and smell so good. He got them for me from daisycakesoap . I love them. Daisycakesoap has a great shop. I really enjoy the manatees though. They are so cute, I don't want to use them! Thanks for such a great product.

So today's my last snow day. Although the thought of getting out of the 2 foot mound of snow around my car, and at the end of the road seems impossible. I'm going back to finish my book, then hopefully nap.

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