Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day! and Birthday Gift Part 3

Keith is king of the mountain!

Today was a snow day! The museum I work with, plus the rest of the in the city were closed! We had blizzard conditions. Lake Shore Drive closed, and remained closed for almost all the day. We got 20+ inches of snow. It was CRAZY. We recently found out, we also have tomorrow as a snow day, because these conditions are just not drivable.

Somewhere under there is my car... And this is covered parking.

I got tired after playing in the snow. This is my taking a break in the middle of the sidewalk.

Keith is a snow bank next to the road. The snow was so deep.

Chicago, thanks for a snow day. Thanks for an awesome day spend being lazy, watching the UK Skins, and eating cheese enchiladas.

Oh! Also, we had THUNDERSNOW last night. Sounds fake, but it's not. and it's awesome.

Okay enough about the snow day....

Keith got me more awesome birthday week gifts. Monday he got me Millard Fillmore Ring, Tuesday he got me Lincoln Keychain. Wednesday he got me the above buttons! I love, love, love them. I was even more impress when Keith was able to name five out the six of them. I love civil war stuff, and so naturally these buttons are a great gift for me. A few of these might end up on my labcoat at work.

These great pins are made by oxandoak. Their store is great. I am really impressed with the finish product. Thanks so much for making a great product oxandoak. Check out their store, you won't be disappointed.

Anyway, snow day 2 tomorrow. Thanks again Chicago. This makes up for the rats in the engine...almost.

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