Thursday, May 26, 2011

winner, and others

YAY! Mallory won my ring. Congrats Mal.

In other news, Keith is in a show this upcoming weekend. So this week he has been busy. I have a HUGE backlog of finished jewelry that need photos taken now. So I have new stuff coming to the shop soon!

Last weekend Keith and I played in my new work city. I love it. We hung out at my work which was hosting a civil war event. So many reenactors. and such amazing homemade rootbeer! Anyway, we danced around the town eating gelato, shopping for beads, and drinking wine. Those beads will be used SOON! :)

Drinking wine on the patio is amazing.

So that was my weekend in a nut shell. happy smiles and silly boy. This weekend will have some friends, seeing keither on stage, making jewelry, and eating some good food.

It's WAY too cold here, what gives Illinois???

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today is my first year anniversary as a business owner. It is also, my father's birthday and my 200th sale! What a GREAT day.

In honor of all these cool things happening, I'm doing a giveaway. Simply comment on this post, and I will enter you in a draw for this fun, adorable ring. It's a coiled ring made by me! It fits a size 7, but I can alter that. It's made of silver plated wire and features a really neat purple and white semi-precious stone.

So enter to win. so simple! just comment and you will be entered into the drawing. This giveaway exits on Wednesday at 7 pm central time. We will draw a name that night.

Good luck p.s. check out my facebook page for another giveaway!

Monday, May 16, 2011

new ring line

I learned wire wrapping rings. I am in love with it. Featured above is a blue stone ring, clear czech glass, and an amethyst. They are very fun. So, this is to introduce my new ring line: coiled rings by lokibean.
They will appear in my shop soon. Once my camera station is set up and K takes real photos. Until then, here are some sneak peaks. This is the large clear czech glass ring. and a blurry jenn.
This is the blue stone with small brown coloring. I love this one as well. Although blue isn't as suiting to me. These rings will be posted soon.

New job is keeping me busy. but I love it. I am surronded by history on a daily basis, and I can see, hear, and smell blacksmithing happening everyday. (those who don't know me, blacksmithing is one of my deepest loves. as are puppies. and scott bakula)

Of course I still have my large cocktail rings for sale at my shop. Including this gem the Loren Ring. I really think this ring is gorgeous. But maybe I'm biased.
New news coming up, including craft shows and hopefully more lines too.

until next time boys and girls.

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am homesick. I miss Michigan. I had a realization when I took this new job, Illinois is slowly becoming my new home. Although, it will never replace Michigan as MY home, it's getting close. This fall marks my 5th year living in the state of Illinois. I don't know how I feel about that.

Last summer Keith and I spent several days in up north Michigan. We went to my cabin, and we went to Mackinac. Great mini-vacation, and great memories. I miss green. City life less green.
I also miss being by a lake with no visitors. No tourists, or college kids, no bikinis or men showing off their muscles. Just the lake, easy access. The above photo was taken on a Friday on Lake Huron, on the coast of Mackinac Island. I even went down and played in the water. The water by Chicago makes me nervous because it's usually high in pollutants. yuck!
I miss Michigan. and green. and living on an 8 mile island surrounded by perfection. But Illinois, I'm embracing you as a new home. I enjoy your ecosystem. your plants. and your animals. I even saw a coyote in the city. In 22 years of living in Michigan, I had never seen one there.

If you also are a Michigan transplant, and miss it. check out this cute print. It will be put up in my office as soon as I get it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

out with the old in with the new

So I haven't been around lately. I apologize. I actually have changed jobs. I left my big science museum, for a small outdoor history museum and I love it. I still plan on focusing my craft on science and history stuff, but in my life I am transitioning back to history and I love it!

So sorry for the disappearance act, but I have been going through a change in real life. I'm back though. so expect more post, etc.