Monday, May 9, 2011


I am homesick. I miss Michigan. I had a realization when I took this new job, Illinois is slowly becoming my new home. Although, it will never replace Michigan as MY home, it's getting close. This fall marks my 5th year living in the state of Illinois. I don't know how I feel about that.

Last summer Keith and I spent several days in up north Michigan. We went to my cabin, and we went to Mackinac. Great mini-vacation, and great memories. I miss green. City life less green.
I also miss being by a lake with no visitors. No tourists, or college kids, no bikinis or men showing off their muscles. Just the lake, easy access. The above photo was taken on a Friday on Lake Huron, on the coast of Mackinac Island. I even went down and played in the water. The water by Chicago makes me nervous because it's usually high in pollutants. yuck!
I miss Michigan. and green. and living on an 8 mile island surrounded by perfection. But Illinois, I'm embracing you as a new home. I enjoy your ecosystem. your plants. and your animals. I even saw a coyote in the city. In 22 years of living in Michigan, I had never seen one there.

If you also are a Michigan transplant, and miss it. check out this cute print. It will be put up in my office as soon as I get it.

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