Monday, May 16, 2011

new ring line

I learned wire wrapping rings. I am in love with it. Featured above is a blue stone ring, clear czech glass, and an amethyst. They are very fun. So, this is to introduce my new ring line: coiled rings by lokibean.
They will appear in my shop soon. Once my camera station is set up and K takes real photos. Until then, here are some sneak peaks. This is the large clear czech glass ring. and a blurry jenn.
This is the blue stone with small brown coloring. I love this one as well. Although blue isn't as suiting to me. These rings will be posted soon.

New job is keeping me busy. but I love it. I am surronded by history on a daily basis, and I can see, hear, and smell blacksmithing happening everyday. (those who don't know me, blacksmithing is one of my deepest loves. as are puppies. and scott bakula)

Of course I still have my large cocktail rings for sale at my shop. Including this gem the Loren Ring. I really think this ring is gorgeous. But maybe I'm biased.
New news coming up, including craft shows and hopefully more lines too.

until next time boys and girls.

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