Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snow is Coming

I just got back from a grocery store. I was buying stuff for work (as a museum education, my orders have gotten so strange!) anyway, there was an older couple behind me in line. I noticed they had lots of canned food, microwavable dinners, etc. They explained loudly to the woman behind them, they were preparing for snow. This made me think, we live in Illinois, shouldn't they be used to snow?

This is my first winter away from Lake Michigan, maybe it's milder, or maybe its worse. I don't know yet. However, I grew up in Michigan so I do know snow totals. When the new says up to 6 inches, it really means 1/2 inch or so. Even if it is 6 inches, That's not terrible. Roads might be bad yes, but to stop you from getting groceries all through the weekend, no.

Last year it snowed. and snowed. and snowed. and ended in TWO adult snow days (best days ever!) Yes, I did stock up before that snow storm, but this time I didn't. I have some food, like normal amount but I'm not stock piling. Am I going to get screwed tomorrow? let's hope not. That being said, I overthink things like snow, and how to react to snow.

I am somewhat excited by the idea of snow. But again, not too much as I like the warmth a lot too.

stay warm out there kids.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A week in photos

Remember my list of 101 things to do in 2012? Well one of those was a photo a day. Some days I take more then one, and somedays I struggle to even manage one... anyway, here is my week in photos. Sunday night 1/1/12- I made mini-bundt cakes for the first time. These are chocolate chip bundts. So yummy! (also a goal!)

Monday, 1/2/12- I painted my nails fun pink with sparkles. Then I noticed it matched my top. Matchy-matchy.

Tuesday 1/3/12- Homemade potstickers and rice. They don't look that pretty but they were yummy! Wednesday 1/4/12- Keith painted my toenails a nice blue with small glitter. Fun!
Thursday 1/5/12- Pizza for dinner. yumm!

Friday 1/6/12- I'm totally geeked about this blue and silver glittery nailpolish! I am so happy I got it. It was a Birthday month gift to myself.

Saturday 1/7/12-I have an empty plate Saturday night (tonight). So This is what I have planned: make bundt cakes, start on my second book of the new year (finished one, only 12 more to achieve my goal), wear my super comfy slippers my aunt got me for Christmas, watch tv, and drink some tea while relaxing. Perfect Saturday night. I remember when I used to go out, and stay out til 3 drinking the blue and pink colored martinis and taking cabs around town. Somedays I miss that, but other days I am perfectly happy in my apartment being a homebody.

So that, my friends, is my past week in photos. I plan on doing this every week (if I remember). I also plan on blogging more regularly, this week has been a fluke that I haven't gotten around to it. But I do have to say, I am keeping up on my goals (mostly).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

new goals for 2012.

Happy new year!!!! So I'm not big on resolutions, instead I created a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in 2012. These go along with my standard everyday goals: be successful in my job, be the best person I can, find humor in life, be the best daughter, sister, and girlfriend I possibly can, etc. I have all of 2012 to work on these, and hope to blog about them along my way....

Below is my list. I encourage you to do the same, it was very therapeutic.

1.) make a steak pie- As someone who lived in Scotland, I miss this dish so much.
2.) increase Lokibean sales by 10%
3.) do at least 6 craft shows
4.) write 200 pages in a novel
5.) take a fused glass class
6.) learn to sodier rings
7.) go to Galena- Galena has a home of my favorite president: Ulysses S Grant and its only within a few hours of my home, perfect right??
8.) learn to make 5 different kinds of donuts
9.) lose 20 pounds
10.) go to centinnial beach- a local pool
11.) hike at starved rock
12.) make homemade tortillas
13.) go to the cabin- my cabin in northern michigan
14.) make a bundt cake
15.) save $$
16.) make 1/2 my christmas gifts
17.) eat at a fancy restaurant, like super fancy
18.) blog twice or three times a week
19.) do photo a day challenge
20.) be more daring in my cuisine choices
21.) eat lunch everyday- sometimes the day just gets the best of me and I forget lunch
22.) eat breakfast everyday- sometime I don't like to wake up on time... whoops
23.) go to Brookfield zoo
24.) learn to play The Way We Gte By on piano
25.) learn to play Jessies Girls on ukelele
26.) join a boxing class
27.) learn to make cupcakes without a box
28.) buy a soda maker, and make 3 homemade sodas without premade syrup
29.) eat healthier
30.) go to four movies at the theater- I HATE movie theaters, but Keith loves them. I need to learn to compromise more.
31.) go visit MSU
32.) take my gre
33.) apply to grad school
34.) finish my education certificate
35.) ride a rollercoaster
36.) go to a water park
37.) make homemade empanadas
38.) make a vertical garden- my patio is just big enough for one and a small bistro set
39.) add something new to my shop every week
40.) go to springfield
41.) eat a ponyshoe (burger with fries on it)
42.) set up my craft room
43.) make an apple pie
44.) make pesto from scratch
45.) make noodles from scratch
46.) make a meatloaf
47.) sell at least one screenprinted item
48.) find two new soap molds
49.) swim in a lake- Every summer I used to go camping at a lake and couldn't get enough of swimming there, then I moved to Chicago and the thought of swimming in a lake that close to pollution frightened me, so now I need to find a new lake out here to swim in, or go to northern michigan
50.) have a date night with keith every week- Keith is a full time student and full time worker, so I never see him, this will make some special us time.
51.) make a new tablecloth
52.) go on a vacation to another state outside illinois or michigan
53.) go natural in medicine- I mean focus on gingers, mint, etc.
54.) go to woods more- again, I miss running through the woods as a child. I felt at home in it.
56.) Send in a post secret
57.) go to smoque barbq- great restaurant in chicago
58.) Run a 5k
59.) do something new with my hair
60.) cook every meal for one full week
61.) try a new recipe once every 3 weeks
62.) rejoin NAI
63.) Go camping
64.) take an art class
65.) read a classic literature book- I have gotten away from classic lit for things about forensics, and such so I need to get back.
66.) learn to make resin post earrings
67.) go to at least one restaurant featured on diners, drive thrus, and dives- K and I love to watch this show, and the places look so good, so we will go.
68.) do one new thing on Mackinac Island
69.) discover 6 new bands
70.) go to a concert
71.) keep up on an appointment book- I am usually good for the first month of the year then I lose interest
72.) try a new kind of pizza- I am a plain jane pizza gal, I need to try new things
73.) go to a forest preserve
74.) join a sports team
75.) go to a roller derby event
76.) make ice cream from scratch
77.) go to a museum I have never been to before
78.) read one book about a president I don't know much about
79.) go to a presidental museum or library
80.) become a member in the craft community
81.) learn a new craft
82.) beat one video game (keith can help)
83.) wear my own jewelry more
84.) make a multistrand necklace
85.) join MSU alumini society
86.) make a scarf not just dye or decorate
87.) go on a food trip
88.) Make homemade pasties
89.) wear dresses more
90.) make a stained glass piece
91.) read 13 books
92.) get a massage
93.) stop biting my nails
94.) learn how to can
95.) participate in november novel in a month month
96.) join the library and go there more
97.) finish the ulysses s. grant cross stitch
98.) back up all my photos on my computer
99.) wear a bathing suit with confidence
100.) keep a personal journal
101.) take a road trip and stop whenever I want to

55.) disappeared, so I will add a new one: 55.) sell one hand dyed silk scarf

So, those are mine. what's yours?