Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snow is Coming

I just got back from a grocery store. I was buying stuff for work (as a museum education, my orders have gotten so strange!) anyway, there was an older couple behind me in line. I noticed they had lots of canned food, microwavable dinners, etc. They explained loudly to the woman behind them, they were preparing for snow. This made me think, we live in Illinois, shouldn't they be used to snow?

This is my first winter away from Lake Michigan, maybe it's milder, or maybe its worse. I don't know yet. However, I grew up in Michigan so I do know snow totals. When the new says up to 6 inches, it really means 1/2 inch or so. Even if it is 6 inches, That's not terrible. Roads might be bad yes, but to stop you from getting groceries all through the weekend, no.

Last year it snowed. and snowed. and snowed. and ended in TWO adult snow days (best days ever!) Yes, I did stock up before that snow storm, but this time I didn't. I have some food, like normal amount but I'm not stock piling. Am I going to get screwed tomorrow? let's hope not. That being said, I overthink things like snow, and how to react to snow.

I am somewhat excited by the idea of snow. But again, not too much as I like the warmth a lot too.

stay warm out there kids.

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