Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goonies Checkers

This is my amazing friend Bridget. And yes, she is a NASA Barbie for Halloween. Bridget recently got a new job which will move her away from us here in Chicago and all the way to Vegas. As much as I will miss her, I'm glad I have an excuse to go to Vegas now. Last night we went out to have martinis and food. We danced and laughed a lot. But the scene stealer of the night was; 1.) animal messenger cards, like tarot...amazing. and b.) Keith and my checkerboard she asked for.

This is the checker board. We cut a sponge to fit 8 across and 8 down. Next I mixed some blue and white paint to make a more appealing color.

Keith working on the details. He's a whiz with the puffy paint, one time he made a barfing unicorn for a shirt. Amazing right?

Final product without the pieces. This game she wanted Chunk vs. Mama Fratelli. So Keith made it treasury mapping, and added some awesome decorations and details. way to go keith!

Bridget pulled it out at everywhere we went. Three places total. Here is her first game on it with Keith. The pieces are bottlecaps.

How much she loves this game! Look at her expression!!!!

This was actually really fun to make. If you are interested in having a checkerboard made, any two people against each other, please send us an email

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