Monday, July 4, 2011

Do over. and Favorites!

I'm starting over with a lot of things. This blog has been neglected. I am going to care for it more. I'm also going to reinstate meatless mondays in my apartment (meaning, me and when Keith is here, him too) I am going to read more, today's book "Sin in the second city" (its all about vices in early chicago) I'm also listen to music more, which takes me back to college.

But lastly, I'm also bringing back my favorites. I think I will do favorites every Monday, to start the week fresh and excited!

So on to Monday Favorites

1.) I am loving Botny on etsy right now. I purchase two sets of earrings from her. They are perfect. I am really digging these right now:
2.) My friend over at ponderandstitch just released some adorable necklaces! This one is my favorite:
3.) I just received this amazing print from RebeccaMich that makes me homesick. Yes, I know I talk about Michigan too much, but thats okay. It's a great place to talk about! I cannot wait to hang it up! It's the perfect print for my apartment.

That's all my favorites for now. You'll have to come back every Monday until I get too busy or run out of favorites. Until then Happy 4th of July! I will spend it reading and drinking tea.

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  1. Awww! How sweet of you to show my new necklace here. :D I love botny, too- I've been meaning to get some earrings of hers for AGES.