Sunday, August 21, 2011


So, I haven't kept with my promise to write more on my blog. That is my fault, but I see a lot more posts in my future. I am moving to the burbs soon. I am divided on my feelings for this. I am excited to be closer to work, and no longer have 2 + hour commutes home. But I am sad to leave the city. That being said, I can still visit the city whenever I want via train or car. So I'm not terribly sad.

Anyway, this summer I have had a new friend in Chicago. We both had the same job up on Mackinac Island, however we were a few years apart. Someone we both worked with set us up, since Erin was moving to Chicago alone for an internship at a theater here. I was so happy we met up and we clicked so well!

One Sunday she came over for bread making and scarf dying. I will post photos of our bread making (her- french white bread for an 1820 recipe, and me- lavender rosemary scones!) I then taught her how to dye scarves naturally.

Erin hard at work with cabbage and tea.

Up close of her scarf.

Erin hard at work. We made a total of 10 scarves together using various fruits and flowers. Mine are sitting in the window reacting and dyeing. I cannot wait to show them off.

In other news!! tomorrow is keith's first day back at school. good luck k face!

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  1. Thanks for the good luck! You'll do fine out in the 'burbs!!!!!