Monday, December 20, 2010

etsy christmas

Christmas Keith was very good to me. He got me an ipad! OMG! However, he still supported a lot of great etsy shops and I plan on linking you to their pages individually.

First up, this hilarious, yet VERY magical gift.

An Abraham Lincoln Sleeping Mask! Living in Chicago, I always have a street light shinning in my bedroom window. I also really like napping during Sundays. This mask is awesome because it's hilarious, it's Abe Lincoln based, and it's really practical for those of us who like to sleeping for hours on Sunday afternoon. It really works, using it I slept in 2 extra hours!

Anyway, Keith got it from Gumptions. this store is full of cute things, but I must endorse their S/He's got Abe Lincoln Eyes.

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