Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthday gift #2

Oh my goodness! So, again, another birthday post. Keith likes to give me "small" gifts leading up to my birthday. I used to celebrate Birthday Month, but now we are down to birthday week. I love my birthday, and I am lucky enough to have parents and a boyfriend who play along. So far this week I have received two of the cutest ecards from my mom this year. Keith knows how much I love my birthday, so he humors me and plays along with birthday week, giving me one small gift each day. I am the luckiest girl with family that cares about me, and a great boyfriend.

Speaking of family, my sister and brother-in-law came to visit. It was pretty awesome. They got me a bunch of GREAT birthday gifts, including a muffin top pan. (I know, I giggle everytime I say it) I will post photos when I make them.

So, Keith got me this awesome present. I'm so excited to take it to work and start using it ASAP to brighten up my keychain!

IT'S ABE LINCOLN IN LEGO KEYCHAIN FORM! Do you see a trend in my presents from Keith? Presidents. because I love 'em! (well, okay most of them) So, I found this gem from Boxhounds and favorited it right away. I have gotten quite a few things from them, and LOVE their stuff. I really like working with them, they are great at requests, and also at shipping good quality items out quickly! I have gotten presents and stuff for myself on this site. I highly recommend it. Please check out their site, you will not be disappointed.

Anyway, good job Keither. You're an excellent gift picker-outter.