Saturday, January 8, 2011

reconstruction project 2

Keith's mom likes to buy my old jewelry she finds at craft fairs, flea markets, etc, and I like her to. She has a really great eye, and picks out only fun pieces that really fit the Loki's Jellybeans type. (as well as awesome gifts for me!)
She gave me this piece:

The bracelet was old and worn. The strings were ready to fall apart and the spacers were rusty/gross. The pink beads were really pretty. Although they looked not too great in this bracelet setting. So I cut the string and started to work. Originally I made it into another bracelet, but I got frustrated at how boring it looked. I played with a few ideas, and decided on this one:

It looks gorgeous. It's large, chunky beads that look a lot like rose quartz. I paired them with brown plastic beads. I attached the beaded part with jumprings to a small chain link and lobster claw. All together the necklace is roughly 18 inches, and stunning. The posting is here.

I love how it turned out. I think this pieces show my growth in the jewelry realm. I'm so proud.

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