Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Buying from small business for Keith

This is Keith. He is my boyfriend of 3.75 years. I try to pick out really thoughtful christmas gifts for him, but sometimes its hard because he's such a boy. He wants nerf guns, videogames, and various other zombie trinkets. He also likes science, and especially astronomy.

Anyway, I always have a hard time buying him handmade gifts. But I like to buy everyone on my list at least one handmade gift. He doesn't really need things like cufflinks, or bowties, or anything like that, so usually he gets soap, or lotion, or flavored chapstick. But I was reading in Craft magazine on my google reader, and they posted a link to this page. It was CUTE stuffed planets!!! I knew Keith needed one.

So I ordered it! then, I couldn't wait and gave it to him a little early. Although he still has a large stack under the tree...
Look at how cute!!! I got him the Moon. (although I just showed him the site, and he squealed about the sun) Anyway, I highly recommend these little guys. The ship quickly, they are really well priced for the quality product!

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