Sunday, May 30, 2010

That fine line....

As people who actually know me know, I'm in love with U.S. history. As I write this I am drinking tea from an Abraham Lincoln mug, I'm wearing a homemade Ulysses S. Grant ring, and next to me is a book about Teddy Roosevelt. (I'm not making this up) In all honesty, I would be fine with making most of my jewelry/crafts tributes to my dear favorite characters in U.S. History (sidebar: keep your eyes out for Lincoln Leggings, coming out as soon as I pull my screenprinter out from under the table and get back to using it) but I know I have to do more.

Lately I have been influence by my dear boyfriend, and my gang of other friends who are mostly scientists. (as my boyfriend said yesterday, "let's go as each other for Halloween you dress as a scientist and I'll go as an artist!") My boyfriend helped collaborate with my on a few science driven pieces, or has picked out many beads that remind him of science. Like this one:
The Lady Astronaut Necklace found at

I'm torn, do I pursue a more historical approach within my jewelry, and showcase those presidential hotties like Millard Fillmore and Teddy "Bull Moose" Roosevelt, or do I divert from my path and go another route, science and art and all that hub bub?

I'll continue doing both, a good blend of my life I suppose.

And I'm serious, have you seen photos of Young Teddy Roosevelt? Hottie.

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