Sunday, October 31, 2010

a little blue...

Isle of Mull, taken by me
Maybe it's the turn in the weather, or the fact that I have now lived in Chicago more then 4 years. But lately I have been missing Glasgow, Scotland. I miss walking through the park, eating cake for dinner with my friends, dancing at bars until far too late into the night, and of course the chips and cheese. I miss hearing that cute little accent all the time too. I'm really trying to save my money I make from sales and take Keith back with me for a two week vacation.

Don't get me wrong, Chicago has been....nice lately. We are finally getting along pretty well, but of course cold winters are coming up quickly! But there's something...magical about Glasgow. I found this on etsy and fell in love. I really want it. I used to visit there often, I even worked there one day, or maybe two... I was like a traveling museum educator while I was there.

There's no real point to this post, I suppose I am just declaring my goal for this business. Get me back to Scotland for a visit, and I guess bring K with me this time ;)

Me near the Edinburgh Castle
Until then...thinking of Glasgow.

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