Thursday, October 7, 2010

craft shows and christmas presents

I haven’t written in a long time. I’m sorry. It’s not because I don’t like you, but nothing THAT exciting has been going on. I haven’t made anything drastically new to document or tell you how. I do have a craft show on Saturday I am eagerly getting ready for, and features new resin pendants, and other jewelry. I also included soaps to this show. Look how cute my robot soap is!

Things have been going for me. Real life has gotten in the way of crafting. Work has been busy. Tires have exploded on the Illinois Skyway. my hair is growing. and of course, boyfriend is around.

I have also been Christmas shopping. I know it’s early, but if you spread it out over lots of paychecks, it doesn’t hurt as bad. I have also been working on MY wishlist. I have a list started on everything on etsy I want, it’s way too long. In a new blog I will feature a new favorite seller. At any rate, I thought I would share some of the really neat things I want for Christmas or my birthday or any-time gift. I had to pick and choose since I have 12 pages of favorite items, and even more of my favorite shops. Links are on the photos.

Bird Trouble is run by a really neat-o lady named Alexz (who I met at my hair salon) This cute little pouch is PERFECT for any occasion. How adorable is it?

This yummy looking Pumpkin Pie sugar scrub is made my MyNaturesArt. She is great to work with, and this product looks really great. And pumpkin pie is a YUMMY scent.

I am a HUGE fan of presidents and historical figure. I am also a HUGE fan of senioritis work. I have a Ulysses S. Grant (swoon!) piece from them. and I am eyeing a few more pieces of their work. I do have a soft spot for good old woodrow though...

This precious little Snow White doll made me think of my recent trip to the Magic Kingdom with the boy. Snow White was alwasy my nickname growing up (very pale skin, black hair), so I really like her. I found this doll and fell in love!

Ponder and stitch is a great shop, by a fellow etsy chatter :) She has such cute cuffs! I LOVE the print on this one. It’s so...perfect! How cute!

Recently I visited the exhibit The Fantastic World of Jim Hensen, and it made me think back to my amazing childhood. I found these cute little wallets and really feel in love. How cute!

This one is one of my favorites! Lincoln is a big name in my apartment. I love him ALMOST as much as I love Ulysses S. Grant. Anyway, this photo makes me laugh a lot. I like art prints that do. I have a lot more light hearted art prints then I do serious one. I kind of prefer it that way.

I hope you like my list. I promise times infinity I will write more.


  1. Best of luck with the show Jenn, your robot soap looks awesome!

    Thanks for including our tribute to Woodrow on your wish list, we hope you get everything you want ;)

  2. hey thanks! I LOVE the woodrow poster. keep up the AWESOME work