Tuesday, August 3, 2010

crafting in small spaces

So, I have a tiny apartment. like small. I live in Chicago, I live in a one bedroom so I am in a bigger apartment then most in studios, but still...

I'm having a hard time finding places to craft in my teeny, tiny apartment. I have my computer, bed, clothes, gamecube in my bedroom. then I have a big table in the "dinning room" which is more like a nook, or overflow from the small kitchen. I then have a TON of stuff in my living room.
So what is a girl to do?!

Well, I like messy crafts. One of those, being blood spatter. I usually lay garbage bags on the floor, then try to remember to walk over them and not to step in the paint the rest of the night. I tried a different approach this time....

So I painted in my bathtub! I keep my bathtub super clean, so why not. I put an sheet of paper under my "work of art". Then, I mixed up my paint, and went to town spatter paint onto this paper to look like blood. (I teach blood spatter patterns). The clean up was a breeze too. I just washed up.

So, hopefully this helps with crafting in small places. be creative! :)

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