Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have been really lacking on my posts. I promise, I will make a tutorial shortly on how to make a fun and cute white board to jazz up any workspace, also how to make resin bottlecaps! I just need to take photos of me doing the craft, which is hard to do when you get into it. I have to work on it...

At any rate.

I was mentioned in a blog. Found here: http://

I also have been working on cornering the forensic market for jewelry, as well as the "famous people in art deco colored backgrounds encased in resin" market. I'm enjoying both recently, with a new addition to the later that features Mr. Magnum P.I. himself. He's set to debut on my site next week after my mini-vacation.

I got accepted to my first craft show. I'm terrified and beyond excited. I need to come up with a table stand in a short period of time. I also will be putting all my contents from my store onsale at the show, so if there's something you want, buy it before I go. No promises that it will stay.

Alright. I wasted another blog.


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