Sunday, August 29, 2010

How cute!

My workmate, Nicole, opened her etsy shop! I have to say it has really adorable things!!!

Her shop, named RoobeDoo, is still new to Etsy, but within the first few days of being open sold 5 items! That's pretty good. She focuses on a few different mediums including sewing and jewelry making.

One of the first thing to be bought, which if I would have seen it first I probably would have gotten it! I love dogs (my shop IS named after my puppy) and so does Nicole, I hope this means more dog themed items in the future of her shop.

Anyway, those tiny pouches are amazing and she sells them for real cheap. She is making more to put on her website, so keep an eye out. They really are great! (and handy!)

She really is an amazing sewer. Check out this ridiculously cute bag.

This FUN bracelet is also a great find on etsy. She made it of seaglass, and fossils. It really is cute, and a good way to remember summer as it quickly leaves :(

Overall, go check on Roobedoo, and keep checking it out. It is one of the five shops I check everyday (mine including in that one) to see if she posts more stuff. Add her to your favorites!

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