Thursday, September 2, 2010


So fall is coming. fast! and for those up here in the north, that means winter is also coming. I am not sure how I feel about that part, but fall is my favorite. I seriously cannot wait. I have my favorite sweaters ready to wear, and my favorite scarves all picked out.

Fall is also a big time for me to get back on my goal list. Summer is nice, but it’s a.) hot, b.) everyone goes out in summer and around chicago that means a ton of people are everywhere and c.) I love my air conditioning. So alas, I started my goal list again.

1.) Make a meatloaf. This may seem like a weird goal, some might think “this isn’t a goal, get a cookbook you dumb girl” Well it’s a goal for me. I don’t cook too much and when I do, it’s mainly the same things. My boyfriend loves meatloaf, so I’m going to try it.
2.) Make an apple pie. I never have. why not?
3.) Pick a recipe book and go through as many recipes as I can, excluding fish. I need to develop my skills in the kitchen. Plus eating at restaurants all the time in Chicago is way too pricey. Recently I started cooking without a cookbook, it’s nice, but I need some variety in my meals.
4.) Make everyone on my list at least ONE Christmas present. This will start this weekend. I will document as I go. Without revealing too much (don’t worry Kim)
5.) Lose this extra weight I added on. I can do this, even if I do want to make meatloafs, apples pies, and various other non-fish recipes right? :) 15 lbs by Christmas. Easy!
6.) Start sewing. I have plans. I just need to check this old machine I have.
7.) Blog more, tweet more, promote my shop more. Yup. enough said.
8.) Run more. I stumbled upon this little gem today. Disney has a marathon! WHAT? I figured if I run it maybe in a year or two, that will give me (and the boy) an excuse to go back so quickly. Since our last trip was ah-mazing there.
9.) Learn one new skill. I’m leaning toward needle felting, although making rings is up there too. Oh decisions, decisions.
10.) Be more positive. Love my family and friends. and be happy.

I think these are pretty sound goals. I have various other things like start modifying stuff, because I find My Little Pony Mods the funniest thing ever. My boyfriend modifies nerf guns now. Who knew?

Oh and watch close to every MSU football game this season. Go State!

This post did not start out to be about me and not my business. But I guess since I make the business why not. My goals are not private, and this way I can make myself do them since they are out in the open now.

I will post more about the shop when there is more to post. Until then.


  1. Great goals!!! I have never really baked a pie, either. I mean... I've put filling in a pre-baked crust, but I don't think that counts, lol! :)

  2. I haven't made even the pre-baked crust! So you're one up on me! :)

  3. For the meatloaf goal, I definitely suggest Sheppard's pie. basically meatloaf with mashed potatoes on top, keeps it moister. Soo soo good.
    Why don't you like fish? and have great recipes if you don't want a cook book, they are where I get a ton of ideas from.

    Following you should be fun!

  4. I have cooked shepard's pie before. That wasn't too hard. My boyfriend is VERY allergic to fish. so no fish.