Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My purchases!

Saturday, Keith and myself went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. It was located right in the heart of Hipsterville, Wicker Park. After doing some errands, and somethings we had to do, we drove south from my apartment and hit Kohls first. I got these stylish gray knee high boots, and cardigans to match. Thanks to my awesome Mom for buying me new “back to school” clothes. Adorable!

Anyway, we parked up by North on Milwaukee. For those of you in that area, you know how congested that area is, we were lucky to find parking. Anyway, we walked to the show in the rain sharing a brand new umbrella from Kohls. It’s big enough for TWO. (that way we can be close) We got the craft fair after about a 10 minute walk, and I felt instantly overwhelmed. So many booths!

We walked around, and I would “ooh” and “aah” over various things and call Keith into the tent to ask his opinion. We would occasionally walk right past a tent that didn’t catch my eye and he would say “See? This is some people go through craft fairs, we can’t get mad when they don’t stop at our booth.” He’s always so...logical.

Anyway, First thing I got was this AWESOME tangerine and lavender soap from Metropolis Soap Co. It smells heavenly. Seriously I placed it in the bathroom last night, and this morning while getting ready I asked myself outloud what smells SO good? That single bar of soap on my shelf. It’s very bright and playful too. I really like the colors (and smell!)

Then we went to the next tent (or like two away) and ran into this CUTE shop from Seattle, called the cakespyshop. The lady explains she put everything in her bag on the airplane and felt very lucky. I was so interested in her work, I barely listened to her as Keith and her had a chit chat. CUTE CUTE CUTE! My favorite is the wallet with a cupcake with brass knuckles against a pie with a knife.

I was disappointed in their lack of fun jewelry. Most of the stuff I saw was metal, very chunky, heavy pieces that sold for way too much. I did see someone make the ribbon necklace I have tired way better then me.

The Nicole Necklace by Loki's Jellybeans

Only, her’s were actually worth wearing.

We continued on our merry way when Keith found two small pins we wanted to get our friends in a cute card place. I don’t think we caught their name because they were too busy setting up at 11:30, when the show opened at 11. I get that it takes awhile to set up, but I wish more of the vendors were ready to go when the show opened. I felt invasive going into their unfinished booth. We kept going until we found this AWESOME shop,Overdue Industries. It sells planners, coasters, magnets, notebooks, and keychains from images from old books. I was looking through the coaster when I came across a blast from my past- SHE-RA! I knew I needed to have them, so I gladly gave up my $10 for those.

Keith was geeked to see Pixel Party there. We searched all his pins for the perfect one for his labcoat for work. He got some thing I have never heard of. Then Keith got me this cute little Bowser on a kart. Love him, but only if he was baby bowser. He is my favorite!

So we moved on and kept checking out fun little shops. But I found one last place to spend more money. Marmalade Hills is awesome and if from a small suburb next to my hometown. So I explored their store, and tried out there fun lotions. I got a “spa” candle there, meaning you take the wax and it is actually a moisturiser and rub it on your skin. I also got a thing of chapstick, yup I like chapstick far too much.

Overall, good experience. I was let down when the record store D.J.ing played Stuck in the Middle with You which happens to be my favorite song and my ringtone and all these hipsters started rocking out to it, and then I determined I must be a hipster too. Also, lunch was kind of disappointing, but that's what you get from eating at a taco stand that is suspicious.


  1. I bet we walked right by eachother!!! I loooove Renegade and go everywhere. I think I'm going to apply to have a booth there next year!

  2. Oops, I meant to say I go every YEAR, not everywhere! It's early still and I'm not with it. lol

  3. :) I love renegade craft fair too! did you go on saturday!?!?