Thursday, June 3, 2010

resin tips.

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I am unsure if I have a love or hate relationship with resin. I think it's beautiful when done correctly, but it sure takes a long time to "perfect" it. I have made several mistakes so far, and I'm sure they will continue. I will give some helpful tips to those struggling with resin themselves.

1.) Don't burn the clay holding the hairpins in place. Yep, be careful when you go over it with the flame. Don't hold it too long, or something might start to smell like burning.

2.) Don't set a container ontop of the resin piece and knock the mold and have resin spill everywhere. It's very hard to get off certain materials. and if things dry, they will be stuck. Good thing I do my resin on a pretty crappy end table.

3.) watch for bubbles! I have made way too many cool things to have them ruined by a big air bubble in the middle.

4.) Too much glitter looks like crap. enough said.

5.) be patient. This is not my strongest area. I want it to be done and I want it to be done RIGHT NOW.

6.) get to love modge podge. seriously this stuff will be your helper.

Okay, enough about everything I've done. Good luck with the resin, hope it's better then my first few diasters.

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