Sunday, June 6, 2010

sundays are borrrring

I got up early to start a batch of resin pieces. I hope they dry in time to take photographs of them and put them up on the etsy page before tomorrow morning when my pendant showcase starts. I wanted to do it last night, but thanks to the crazy sideways rain, and possible tornadoes, I wanted to keep my windows firmly shut.

I have made a few sales, in a few days. I don't usually do this well, so I'm excited and hope that things might change some for me. I really am excited to continue to grow my shop, and my art.

I went to a shop around the corner for ideas, and saw this adorable photoframe made from recycled tickets. I really like this idea, and want to go on it more. I think that jewelry is my main form right now, but with my goal of making people's christmas presents, I need to start testing the waters of other craft pools.

I'm leaving for Orlando soon. I have to put my shop on vacation mode, and I'm not bringing any jewelry making supplies. I wonder how I'll handle being away from it....

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